I'm joining the Postmates team!

As many of you know, I spent the last year working with an incredible and talented team at Checkd.in. We wanted to reinvent the way modern day sponsorships were created. A lofty goal, certainly, but we fought for it because we believed in it. Unfortunately, like every startup, we were faced with challenges, some we could master and others we could not. The decision was made to put a hold on that dream, but I'm thankful that today every one of my teammates and friends have found amazing new ventures, from Maker Studios to Politico

I've been on my search for that next exciting opportunity and I've found just that with Postmates. Tomorrow I start on a new adventure with an established and well-funded startup that is transforming the way local goods move around a city by enabling anyone to get any product delivered in under one hour. If you're familiar with Uber, think of Postmates as clicking a button and getting a burrito from Chipotle or a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses from Imogene & Willie delivered to your home, just like you're used to getting a cab. This is a big deal, and it's changing the way we get local products into our hands when we want and need them.

Postmates is entering Nashville this month for the first time, and I will be joining the team as the Community Manager. I'll be responsible for the Nashville market and have a focus on making sure the quality, speed, and experience, from when you click that button to when it's delivered, is flawless. 

So, if you live in Nashville, prepare to have Hattie B's, Rosepepper, Virago, home supplies, groceries, and much more just a click away, and let me know how you like using Postmates! As someone who loves technology and startups, I'm thrilled to be joining the Postmates team during their growth stage, from new markets to new features. Exciting times are ahead!

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Apple Watch makes health fun

Now that summer is here and the weather is nicer in Nashville, I'm excited to spend as many hours outdoors as possible. I find myself going on a couple long walks a day and a run every other. I love walking and I put up with running, but the addition of an Apple Watch really makes both more fun and enjoyable. I find myself paying attention to, but not obsessing over the health goals I try to achieve each day. If you're familiar with the three rings Apple suggests as the three main areas to focus on each day (Move, Exercise, and Stand), I have found them to be a delightful way to motivate myself. 

 Apple Watch Health and Activity

Apple Watch Health and Activity

Whether you have an Apple Watch or another fitness device, get outside this summer and find ways to make exercising a fun and regular part of your day.

A Story in Parts

Ok, so I'm going to make a musical recommendation to you right now, and I want you to take it very seriously. Sam Pinkerton's A Story in Parts is an absolutely brilliant piece of work. So what you need to do is sit down (or stand, I don't really care) and block off 30 minutes to relax and listen. You won't regret it.

This girl is going places, I have no doubt.

Monday Reads: Buzzfeed & NEXT

Why Buzzfeed is the most important news organization in the world

We can laugh all we want at the nonsense that is Buzzed (at times), but there is no doubt that they have transformed what news and journalism are in the digital age. Buzzfeed has mastered the art of viral content, and is quickly inching its way towards serious journalistic power through new tech and processes.

The difference between commitment and technique

Short read - As humans we do have this strange relationship with commitment and technique. Whether you think it comes from fear or arrogance, it's important to keep this in mind.

Why the $10,000 gold Apple Watch really winds me up

While I don't agree with everything this article points out, I understand its argument. Although Apple has largely been considered on the pricier side of computing, the company has had a long stance on bringing exceptional competing tools to the masses. So does the $10K Apple Watch Edition destroy that promise?

All I know is that I will be buying an Apple Watch on day one, and if Apple has made it affordable to people like me, they are still following through on the core beliefs of Steve.

Steve Jobs During the Birth of NEXT Computing

From Inc. - Brilliant. Passionate. Overbearing. Impatient.

Steve Jobs's management style has been described in many ways, both positive and negative. Love him or hate him, there's no denying what he accomplished: Within a short time, he built the most successful company on the planet.

Before that, though, Jobs was actually forced out of Apple (in 1985). A few months later, he founded another company. This startup, appropriately named NeXT, focused on producing high-powered computers for the higher education industry. A talented team left secure positions at Apple and followed Jobs to his new endeavor--evidence of how much people believed in him.

The following video shows excerpts of a company retreat that Jobs orchestrated during the first three months of the company. And it's fascinating.


Quote of the Week

“Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

— Albert Einstein

Solve Simple Problems

Look... the reality is that most of the problems we have in the world have simple solutions. It turns out a lot of problems actually aren't that complicated - they aren’t rocket science. 

Now, that's not to say that it's easy to solve problems. Quite the opposite. The difficult part comes with execution. But that may come in the form of how your solution is implemented, how you build a team and culture, or how you finance and build a business model. 

I look at companies like Expensify for inspiration of simple solutions to a simple problem. Expense reports suck, so they made them a pleasure to use. 

Or look at Slack: Most people don't like email, Slack cuts down on email and makes offices communicate more efficiently. 

Last, look at an app like 1Password. Nobody likes managing passwords and keeping themselves secure. 1Password created an easy way to digitally store passwords and login to your favorite online services. 

If you can't explain your business idea simply to a person you pass in the street, chances are you haven't clearly defined the problem (and most likely the solution). 

The good news for us all, there are a lot of small problems out there just waiting to be solved. 

Climbing Mountains

When you climb a mountain, the goal isn’t to climb the mountain as fast as possible (unless you are trying to set some kind of record… in which case, good for you). 

The goal is to get to the top (and back) alive, safely, and with the best adventure as possible. 

Like starting a company, the goal isn’t to scale clients, employees, or revenues as *fast* as possible. The goal is to scale at the right pace so that you can make it to the top and back. To succeed at your mission, it takes perseverance matched with smarts and intuition to know when you should go another hundred feet vs. calling it a successful day.

Celebrate the victories you achieve each day, no matter how large or small, fast or slow.

Do you want to be the best?

…or do you want to be your best?

Whether I always admit it to myself or not, I have an obsession with the thought of being the best. I want to be better than everyone else, unique, special, and exceptional. How can I work for a company (or start my own) if it doesn’t sell the best product or provide the best service with undeniable superiority? 

The problem is, as I look around me I see company after company that isn’t striving to be the undeniable best, but instead striving to be their absolute best. They aren’t the best restaurant in the world, the best accounting firm in the world, or the best music label in the world. Sometimes it isn’t a win or lose situation - their isn’t a first place and a second place. The difference is understanding when it is right to aspire to be the absolute best and when it is right to be your absolute best.

Aspire to be the greatest you can be, and maybe along the way you might actually become the very best.