I'm joining the Postmates team!

As many of you know, I spent the last year working with an incredible and talented team at Checkd.in. We wanted to reinvent the way modern day sponsorships were created. A lofty goal, certainly, but we fought for it because we believed in it. Unfortunately, like every startup, we were faced with challenges, some we could master and others we could not. The decision was made to put a hold on that dream, but I'm thankful that today every one of my teammates and friends have found amazing new ventures, from Maker Studios to Politico

I've been on my search for that next exciting opportunity and I've found just that with Postmates. Tomorrow I start on a new adventure with an established and well-funded startup that is transforming the way local goods move around a city by enabling anyone to get any product delivered in under one hour. If you're familiar with Uber, think of Postmates as clicking a button and getting a burrito from Chipotle or a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses from Imogene & Willie delivered to your home, just like you're used to getting a cab. This is a big deal, and it's changing the way we get local products into our hands when we want and need them.

Postmates is entering Nashville this month for the first time, and I will be joining the team as the Community Manager. I'll be responsible for the Nashville market and have a focus on making sure the quality, speed, and experience, from when you click that button to when it's delivered, is flawless. 

So, if you live in Nashville, prepare to have Hattie B's, Rosepepper, Virago, home supplies, groceries, and much more just a click away, and let me know how you like using Postmates! As someone who loves technology and startups, I'm thrilled to be joining the Postmates team during their growth stage, from new markets to new features. Exciting times are ahead!

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Apple Watch makes health fun

Now that summer is here and the weather is nicer in Nashville, I'm excited to spend as many hours outdoors as possible. I find myself going on a couple long walks a day and a run every other. I love walking and I put up with running, but the addition of an Apple Watch really makes both more fun and enjoyable. I find myself paying attention to, but not obsessing over the health goals I try to achieve each day. If you're familiar with the three rings Apple suggests as the three main areas to focus on each day (Move, Exercise, and Stand), I have found them to be a delightful way to motivate myself. 

 Apple Watch Health and Activity

Apple Watch Health and Activity

Whether you have an Apple Watch or another fitness device, get outside this summer and find ways to make exercising a fun and regular part of your day.

Sunday Reads: The Idea Person & Data

The Idea Person

Many people in a creative field, myself included, have succumbed to the fantasy of the Idea Person.

Ideas are like candy—colorful, fun, easy to indulge in.

The hard part—the part that really matters—is the follow-through.

Why don’t we glorify that instead?

Notes on Company Culture

What are the things that characterise a positive company culture?

Openness. Trust. Respect. Collaboration. Empowerment. Responsibility. Communication. Diversity. Empathy. Spirit. Emotional Investment. Pride in work. Commitment to each other. Openness to criticism. And a lot more besides…

These are the kind of things that embody a positive company culture. One where people feel happy and productive in their work. Where the customer is both the end user of the product and the net beneficiary of the positive culture.

The joyless world of data-driven startups

Everyone tells early stage startups to use data for big strategic decisions. But does that really work, and whatever happened to vision?

The song will never work. It’s too long, too complex, too confusing and doesn’t fit into any musical genre.
— Radio stations feedback to Queen about Bohemian Rhapsody

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

That’s the tired cliché repeatedly told by the kinds of people who have to put a number on everything. These are the people who are responsible for the existence of Klout, and buy the self-help books in their millions because they believe that there must be repeatable secret rules and quantifiable steps that determine success and failure. Either millions of people didn’t read those books that they bought, or it turns out that the steps weren’t as easily reproducible as the book cover suggested.

Quote of the Week

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.
— Osho

The Lonely Epidemic

Loneliness has become the most common ailment of the modern world

The cause? Online social networking, of course. At least that is one theory being proposed. The effects of the Internet, mobile devices, and social networking can hardly be scientifically proven at this point, but its clear that many people are already starting to take notice of our changing social landscape. How might Facebook, Twitter, email, and texting be changing the way we feel about our friends, family, and even ourselves?


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Why Make a Personal Website?

Of the many lessons I've learned in the past year, the importance of ownership has been the most impactful. I believe it's in our nature to crave ownership. Ownership makes our work better, helps us form opinions, and gives us a reason to care. We care about those tangible, intangible, real, and imaginary things that make us who we are. Our digital presence is an extension of that. Social networking is a great way to express yourself, but I want something that is entirely me; a website that I own and care for. That's why I wanted to make a personal website.


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My Week with Pebble

What is it like to use Pebble on a daily basis? With wearables becoming more common, 2014 is going to be a breakout year for smartwatches.

I spent my first night wearing my black Pebble watch at a local burger joint in Sarasota, Florida. Dressed casually, drinking a beer, and watching people go by in their questionable Florida clothes, Pebble felt at home on my wrist. Eating a greasy burger instantly warmed me to the beauty of wrist notifications, as I was able to see what was happening without touching anything with my greasy fingers. Messages, emails, Twitter and Facebook, Foursquare suggestions, calendar and reminders, (Snapchats - er), and just about everything else you can think of were there giving me information. All of these notifications were seamlessly sent to my wrist. As my wrist buzzed occasionally, I was able to continue eating and engaging with the people around me without feeling like I was missing anything. That's the beauty. Wearables have been gaining buzz for the past year and a half, and I'm expecting 2014 to be an even more innovative year for them.


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