Batman: The Power of Expectations

I've recently become a fan of podcasts. My interest was peaked with the launch of the podcast Startup (and with it, Gimlet Media). So, of course, I've also become a fan of one of the biggest podcasts ever, This American Life. I wanted to share this particular episode I listened to this morning because it is a great story worth sharing, but also because it has an enlightening message about the psychology and function of expectations. 

It starts with a simple question posed to scientists experimenting with rats in a maze test: do you think that the thoughts that you have in your head (your private thoughts) influence the way that a rat moves?

The answer: Yes.

It's long, I know, but I highly recommend giving it a listen if you have a free moment today. I feel we can all benefit from better understanding how our expectations of others affect them, as well as how our own expectations have such power over our own lives.