A Merry Christmas in Sarasota

Christmas in the sun

"I can't believe its already Christmas."

"It doesn't feel like Christmas." 

"I miss the snow."  (Yeah, ok.)

Many of these thoughts have entered my mind in the past week, but at the end of the day Christmas is about more than presents, Christmas trees, snow, or any material thing. Family and Faith make for a fantastic Christmas no matter where you are. 

Heres a couple reasons why a Christmas away from the snowy comfort of home is ok:

You get to do this.


 You also get to do this.


This is also really nice.

You get to end your days looking at this.


You can play sand pong with the locals.


Shall I continue?


Yeah, it may not always feel like Christmas and Santa may be driving his Ferrari to drop off presents, but it's not all bad. Trust me. 



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