Do you want to be the best?

…or do you want to be your best?

Whether I always admit it to myself or not, I have an obsession with the thought of being the best. I want to be better than everyone else, unique, special, and exceptional. How can I work for a company (or start my own) if it doesn’t sell the best product or provide the best service with undeniable superiority? 

The problem is, as I look around me I see company after company that isn’t striving to be the undeniable best, but instead striving to be their absolute best. They aren’t the best restaurant in the world, the best accounting firm in the world, or the best music label in the world. Sometimes it isn’t a win or lose situation - their isn’t a first place and a second place. The difference is understanding when it is right to aspire to be the absolute best and when it is right to be your absolute best.

Aspire to be the greatest you can be, and maybe along the way you might actually become the very best.