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The Best of Instagram

I love Instagram, you love Instagram, we all love Instagram. Which is why it makes me so sad to see people fill their feeds with food, selfies, and other nonsense. To help you out, here are a handful of creative Instagram accounts worth following. Yes, there is even a section just for animals. Follow away.


I had to question the addition of video when Instagram launched the feature this past year. With Vine peaking in popularity, the move appeared desperate and I feared that too much Facebook was making its way to Instagram. However, the addition differentiated itself in two important ways: 1) longer 15 second videos and 2) the ability to upload previously shot or edited videos. The benefits of Instagram video appeared minimal during the first wave, as friends and followers posted videos of their food and other nonsense. A trend was emerging though, and its now apparent that short, mobile video is playing a crucial role in how people consume their news and media. 

NowThisNews perfectly captures this change on their account by focusing on pleasing 15 second videos of breaking news, entertainment, sports, etc. While not always hard news, NowThisNews does a fantastic job of informing on recent events, encouraging discussion, and highlighting relevant pictures and videos for each story. 


Believe it or not, Instagram's Instagram is worth a follow. The profile serves mostly to highlight the best of Instagram with a variety of weekly categories (#WeeklyFluff). They're constantly bringing the best or most creative photographers to the surface and you're guaranteed to like, and even follow, some of the people they post about.


I'm going to call TheNosyT the "traditional" photographer of this list simply because he takes cool pictures. There's no shortage of incredible photographers on Instagram, and this is one.


CestMaria wil make you wish your life was more colorful. Bright, vibrant, and simple, the collection of photos belong together. They will make you feel happy, guaranteed. 


I recently discovered SweatEngine (nice name...) and I'm glad I did. Making a good time-lapse is difficult, but he nails it every time. 


Joselourenco loves Instagram. So much so that he decide to bring Instagram to the real world. A fun and unique way of looking at things.


Pets make the world a better place 

Everybody loves pets. How else would Buzzfeed stay in business? I love them so much that I'm going to demand you follow these four. Do it. You won't regret it.



If you had to follow one animal account on Instagram, MAKE IT THIS ONE. George and Boston are always up to something adorable. I literally can't get enough. I wish I was friends with them...


The cutest  Shiba-inu ever. Maru has quite the following and its no surprise. I mean look at how cute he is when he's sleepy! 


I dare you to find a more adorable cat than Cheeto Cat. ITS SO FLUUUFFFFYYYY! He has quite the personality and craving for beer. The "I can have your beer?" series is icing on the cake. 



Perfecting the art of cat-ography. Finally.

 What are your favorite Instagram accounts?