I Want To Be Like Kanye

Or at least that's how The Chainsmokers feel. After the huge hit "#Selife", a song about Kanye was the only natural followup. Here's their thoughts on the new jam:

Well we had been working with the girls from SirenXX for about a year on different things and one day they showed us this idea they had come up with regarding Kanye. We thought it was just such a great concept for a song and as it developed it just felt so catchy. From an idealistic standpoint it deals with Kanye and his mentality, not so much about the things he has done, and that was super appealing. We love Kanye, but we love what he represents in regards to his confidence and philosophy, we based on everything we went through with the positive and the negative of #selfie, it felt like a great song to follow up.

Let's see if it catches on.