Monday Reads: Buzzfeed & NEXT

Why Buzzfeed is the most important news organization in the world

We can laugh all we want at the nonsense that is Buzzed (at times), but there is no doubt that they have transformed what news and journalism are in the digital age. Buzzfeed has mastered the art of viral content, and is quickly inching its way towards serious journalistic power through new tech and processes.

The difference between commitment and technique

Short read - As humans we do have this strange relationship with commitment and technique. Whether you think it comes from fear or arrogance, it's important to keep this in mind.

Why the $10,000 gold Apple Watch really winds me up

While I don't agree with everything this article points out, I understand its argument. Although Apple has largely been considered on the pricier side of computing, the company has had a long stance on bringing exceptional competing tools to the masses. So does the $10K Apple Watch Edition destroy that promise?

All I know is that I will be buying an Apple Watch on day one, and if Apple has made it affordable to people like me, they are still following through on the core beliefs of Steve.

Steve Jobs During the Birth of NEXT Computing

From Inc. - Brilliant. Passionate. Overbearing. Impatient.

Steve Jobs's management style has been described in many ways, both positive and negative. Love him or hate him, there's no denying what he accomplished: Within a short time, he built the most successful company on the planet.

Before that, though, Jobs was actually forced out of Apple (in 1985). A few months later, he founded another company. This startup, appropriately named NeXT, focused on producing high-powered computers for the higher education industry. A talented team left secure positions at Apple and followed Jobs to his new endeavor--evidence of how much people believed in him.

The following video shows excerpts of a company retreat that Jobs orchestrated during the first three months of the company. And it's fascinating.


Quote of the Week

“Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

— Albert Einstein