Five Adjectives to Define 2014

A Different Kind of New Year Resolution

As is tradition (albeit an annoying one), New Years is the time for reflection, motivation, and improvement. This year instead of setting specific goals, I've chosen five adjectives that I want to define my life in the coming year. Much will change in 2014 and much will stay the same, but I hope I can say I've been these five things at the end of it all. 

Here are 5 simple adjectives I want to define my 2014:

1. Adventurous

This past year was my most adventurous year ever. I became a senior in college, travelled a lot, and saw my lifestyle mature (too much…). Even so, my first goal for the new year is to invite more adventure into my life. This can mean a lot of things. I want to see adventure in myself, in my relationships, in my education, in my work, in my passions, in my hobbies, and in my faith. 

2. Willing

Ready, prepared, and eager - 2014 is going to be my most willing year yet. What do I mean by this? Willingness is something that touches all parts of our lives. Willingness to explore new things, serve, learn, be active, build relationships, accept emotions, face the unknown, and, of course, be adventurous. As a senior, my life will change drastically in the coming months. I want to practice willingness so that all areas of my life benefit. There's a lot of work, relaxing, and progress to be made and my willingness will push me forward and allow me to take advantage of it all. 

3. Preemptive

Part of being adventurous, willing, caring, and social is being preemptive. Life takes planning and even spontaneous people require planning. A preemptive person is prepared for what lies ahead. They take the necessary actions, work hard before needed, and make sacrifices and commitments that lead to success. With the job hunt approaching fast, being preemptive will help me prepare to enter this new phase of my life.

4. Caring

I like to think of myself as a nice person (I hope you do too), but how caring am I? If I could be even 1% as caring as Leslie Knope I will have succeeded. With everything going on in our lives, it's easy to get sucked into ME, ME, ME. Whether it's a little prayer, a small gift, or a little time together, being caring takes work, but it’s worth it. 

5. Social

While there's definitely room for improvement with my relationships, being more social means more than hanging out and going out with friends more often. My social improvement will revolve around putting myself in new situations, networking, meeting new people, and being willing to expand my circle. 

Bonus Goal: Chill out, dude. This past semester (as enjoyable as it was) cranked up the stress level. Without a doubt I’ll be focusing on relaxing and melting away that stress.

What are the words you want to describe your 2014? Do you like to set specific goals and objectives or does reminding yourself of the longterm work better? Sound off in the comments.

Happy New Year