The Best Investment in Life

I've been an irregularly giver at my local church, Crosspoint, for the past two years. It's difficult as a young person to give regularly for a variety of reasons and excuses, but the rewards are so plentiful. My family always raised me to think this way, and the truth is that giving is a wonderful experience that brings many personal fulfillments. So why wait any longer?

My goals for giving:

  1. Focus my life by challenging my resources, time, and energy
  2. Remind and push myself to live for God through helping others
  3. Increase my giving year after year
Giving is the best investment in life you’ll ever make.
— Rodney Moore

Today I finally decided to become a regular giver and I look forward to challenging myself in the future. My contributions may be small, but pushing myself in generosity is a spiritually uplifting process. What many people forget, myself as well, is that there are many ways to give other than money. Planning, focus, and a desire to help others comes in many shapes and sizes.

How does giving impact your life?